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Aug Sep

Following a request for motorcycles at their fete this year, twelve branch members confirmed that they would attend. At 8:30am, nine members on seven bikes and one trike made ready to depart from Tesco's in Norwich for the short ride to Hoveton, via Wroxham. We welcomed Simon for his first time ride with us, he brought his Africa Twin in full "Adventure Configuration". At Hoveton, Freda was waiting for us in her car, carrying, as it turned out, a much needed gazebo. Once parked, we were joined by Mark and Michelle completing our line-up for the day and awaited the 10:00am fete opening.

All through a very hot day we had a steady stream of people looking at the variety of machines on show, Simon's Africa Twin, Steve's Gold Wing, and Hannah's trike proving very popular. Most of us had the chance to look around and get a well deserved drink, kindly Penny and Freda kept us supplied with cakes etc. Although Andy did not have the time to display his CBX1000 with us it was nice to see him and Denise for a couple of hours during the day.
Quite a  few people expressed interest in our branch and the HOC in general but whether this converts into some new members remains to be seen. At 4:00pm we packed up, struggled into leathers and began our journeys home, I wondered how high Freda had the air-con turned up in her VW as she went homeward!
Thank you to all our branch members who gave up their day in very hot weather to help make the fete a success and as a footnote, we decided that the fish and chip runs no longer have a plaice (couldn't resist it) in our diary and will be replaced by an "Evening Rideout" - details to follow.
The Lions were very pleased that we added something to their charity fete and have asked us to return next year.
Nine branch members on five bikes met for breakfast at Wetherspoons, Riverside,
Norwich. Phil/Sarah, Roger/Freda, Rob/Amanda, Andy/Denise and Michael from
Cambridge, Rob and Andy were both on their new bikes.

I did not photograph the
new bikes because seeing in the flesh is better. Also Andy's new bike is the
brightest thing on the road that I feared for my camera lens.
After breakfast we rode along the Lowestoft road then cut over to the A140 and
down to Landguard Fort Felixstowe.

The visit to the fort, which I thought was interesting was followed by the
obligatory tea and cake, after that, we rode to the A12 and home.
 Three of us made it to Honing to display our bikes under gorgeous September skies in the Vintage Fayre, once were given our position by Charlotte we started to receive a steady stream of very friendly people interested in our machines and motorcycling in general, many who had owned and ridden British bikes in the past.
We were able to visit the attractions spread out in the village, including a display of Honing and Crostwight heroes of WW1, an art exhibition, craft stalls, and a "Guess the poo" game in the church. A village shop museum and working blacksmith in the village, crafts and tombola in the village hall not to mention coffees and a very tasty lemon drizzle cake!!
In the field next to the hall there was a have a go dog agility ring plus vintage tractors with their own cultivation competition. We were joined in our section during the day by vintage vehicles and an old army Chevrolet lorry.
The three of us agreed that this was one of the friendliest events we had attended and really enjoyed ourselves. We must have done something right as Charlotte has invited us back next year.